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Frequently Asked Questions

"Who Am I Buying From?"

Top Quality Motors is a small family owned business that has been creating satisfied customers for 14 years.  We are a State of Missouri licensed and bonded auto dealer and a licensed Missouri State Safety Inspection Station.  We have our own in-house service department where our experienced mechanics inspect, service, and safety check each vehicle. Honesty is our policy and customer satisfaction is our goal.    
     Our car store faces Route 63 in Ashland, Missouri.  Just take the Ashland exit. (Ashland is 12 miles south of Columbia, MO).  Come see us and let the low overhead of our small town location save you money

"Do You Take Trade-Ins?"

Yes, we take everything in on trade. We always try to be as fair as possible with trade-ins. Bring your car in. We will do an appraisal of it and give you a firm price for it. If you decide not to buy our car we will still purchase yours. If you can't bring it in, call us if you are local and we will have one of our employees come to your house to do an appraisal.

"Where Do Your Cars Come From?"

Our buyers purchase vehicles from all around the nation for our inventory. Many of them come from the eastern United States where there are more of the low mileage vehicles we specialize in. With good public transportation available out East many people ride the subway and their cars set at home in the garage, only to be driven on weekends. That combined with the fact that there are more new car sales on the eastern seaboard than creates a surplus of low mileage used cars.

"Is the low mileage on this vehicle correct?"

Yes, the mileage is correct. The mileage on all of our cars is verified by CARFAX. We search far and wide to find our inventory of low mileage, often one owner, vehicles. Many of our cars have half the mileage you would expect them to have (15,000 per year is the average mileage). These lightly driven vehicles represent the best value for car shoppers and over the years we have built our business on them.

"Why should I pay more for a Toyota (Honda)?"

Quite simply, they are worth it. These cars have the lowest incidence of repairs and the lowest cost to repair. So not only do they need fewer repairs, but when they do need a repair, it cost less. Kelly Blue Book says that the total cost of ownership is half of what it is for vehicles from many other manufacturers. In addition, these models also last longer. Other brands are often used up at 150,000 miles, whereas many Toyotas and Hondas are still going strong at 250,000 miles.

"What Other Fees Are There at the Time of Purchase?"

None. There are no extra fees of any sort. At other car dealerships the customer is often surprised at the last minute with the news that there are extra fees of $200 to $300 (sometimes called "Preparation Charges" or "Documentation Fees") which have been added to the previously negotiated price of the vehicle. At Top Quality Motors there are no hidden charges, just one low, out-the-door price.

"Will You Hold this Car for Me?"

Yes. With a $100 deposit we will hold any car for up to 7 days. Deposits can be done over the phone with a credit card. They keep the vehicle from selling to someone else while you get your financing in place and arrange to pick it up. Deposits are non-refundable but they can be transferred to another vehicle and do not expire.

"What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?"

We accept credit cards for deposits only, not for full payment. For full payment we accept, cash in-person, bank wire transfers, Cashier's checks and some bank checks. If you are going to pay with a non-local check (bank check or personal check) please call us for approval of your check.

"What is the Current Interest Rate on Auto Loans?"

We partner with credit unions and major financial institutions who compete to provide the lowest interest rate for our customers. Recently rates have been less than 3%. But the interest rate on your loan will be entirely dependent on your personal credit rating. To get an interest rate quote go to the "Finance" page here on our website and fill out an online credit application.

"What if I Have Already Been Pre-Approved for a Loan?"

If you already have financing arranged we can do everything over the telephone. All we need is your lender's contact information so we can fax over the necessary documents. Call us to get started.

"My Bank Will Not do a Loan for a Car that is More Than Six Years Old?"

Many banks are not interested in making small loans, so they limit the age of the vehicle to 5 or 6 years, that assures the loans will be for at least $12,000 to $15,000. Other banks may want to limit the term of the loan to no more than 24 months on older vehicles. The credit unions that we work with have no problem doing longer term loans or financing older vehicles. If you would like a loan rate quote, go to our "Finance" page and click on the "Apply Now" button.

"How Much Would my Monthly Payments be on this Car?"

Find the vehicle you want on our website then scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Loan Payment Estimator". Enter your down payment or value of your trade-in, if you have one, and it will compute your monthly payment based on a 36, 48, or 60 month loan.

"I Make ($$$) a Month. How Much Car Payment do you Think I Can Afford?"

In our society, cars are not just a necessity, they are a status symbol. And many car buyers make the mistake of taking on the largest car payment they can, just to get into that "cool ride". Before you begin car shopping it is a good idea to prepare a monthly budget to calculate just how much of a monthly car payment you can comfortably afford (and then stick to it). On his website financial adviser Dave Ramsey has some very sensible advice about car shopping and free budget forms that can help you anticipate unexpected expenses. Click Here to go to "Dave Ramsey on Auto Finance"

"Do You Provide Temporary License Plates for the Drive Home?"

Yes we do. Each vehicle we sell comes with a Temporary License permit that is attached to the rear bumper of the car. These serve as a valid license plate in any of the 50 states and are good for 30 days.

"If I Live in Missouri When do I Pay My Taxes? How Much Will they Be?"

After purchasing your vehicle you have 30 days to title it. Taxes must be paid when it is titled. The amount of sales tax you owe is based on the sales tax rate of the municipality in which you live. If you would like to calculate your Motor Vehicle Tax or find out what the licensing regulations are Click Here to go to the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

"I am an Out of State Buyer. Do I Pay Missouri Taxes When I Buy the Vehicle?"

No you don't. There are no taxes due when you buy the car. You will pay taxes in your home state when you title your vehicle

"Can I Get This Car Shipped to Me?"

Yes you can. It generally takes 10 to 15 days for your vehicle to arrive. To get a quote on shipping call Ready Auto Transport at 877-558-3205 or visit their website at Ready Auto Transport.

"Should I Donate My Old Car to Charity?"

You can turn your old car into a tax deduction. Donating your car allows you to help in the important work of the charity of your choice and provides you with a tax reduction for the value of your vehicle. Contact your accountant about eligibility.

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